Is It Okay To Purchase Your Wife A Roomba For Xmas?

Is It Okay To Purchase Your Wife A Roomba For Xmas?

We sat within our respective seats, suffering a barrage of vacation commercials whenever Santa instantly showed up from the TV, gushing over some vacuum that is state-of-the-art, in accordance with him, was the right xmas present.

“We require a vacuum that is new” my wife said.

“Great,” I responded. “i would like some more presents for you.”

“You’re not receiving me personally that for Christmas time,” she said.

“It violates ‘The Rule.’”

Oh, yes, The Rule. A decree that, if our wedding had been a written contract used by legal counsel, would read the following:

Those cool little omelet flippers, and even diamond encrusted, decorative lamps under no circumstances will husband present wife at Christmas with ANY product containing an electrical cord, including, but not limited to: vacuums, hair dryers, blenders. Violation of said guideline can lead to immediate return of gift to offending retail establishment and short-term interruption of communication, herein known as the ‘silent therapy.’

Incidentally, The Rule will not connect with her while shopping for my vacation wish list. If it did, that shiny NutriBullet wouldn’t have already been beneath the tree final xmas, and I also would not discover how delicious a good fresh fruit and kale smoothie tastes each morning.

Nonetheless, my wife’s insistence for a “no cord” xmas, along with her desire to have vacuum pressure, has kept me personally having a dilemma as December 25 approaches:

Do she is got by me a Roomba?

I’ve always been captivated by that small flying-saucer-like contraption that zips around floors, drawing up such a thing in its course. It has a contact-sensing technical bumper, a horizontally-mounted “side spinner” brush, a Carpet Increase if I spring when it comes to top-of-the-line 980 model, and FREE delivery. Leia mais