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FIFA Officials Arrested In Switzerland On U.S. Corruption Charges

FIFA Officials Arrested In Switzerland On U.S. Corruption Charges

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner is among nine FIFA officials indicted by the Department of Justice on corruption-related costs.

Nine FIFA officials and five sports marketing executives have been charged with racketeering, money laundering, wire fraudulence along with other defenses by the United States Department of Justice, and US officials state that the investigation into corruption at FIFA and its particular member businesses is only beginning.

The official announcement of this charges was made Wednesday early morning, hours after a dramatic operation by Swiss authorities to arrest many of the FIFA professionals charged in case while they set to satisfy at FIFA head office in Zurich.

The arrests, that have been made instead peacefully and without event, occurred at the five-star Baur au Lac hotel.

The defendants are anticipated to be extradited to the United States in short order.

The DoJ managed to bring charges against the foreign nationals active in the instance due to aspects of US law that allow for indictments if there was any connection to the United States at all, such as meetings place that is taking US soil or if money taking part in a scheme passed through American financial institutions.

Switzerland comes with an extradition treaty aided by the United States that ensures they will turn over suspects for most crimes, with the exception of tax-related charges.

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