Meet Andrew Rose: Co-Founder & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER at Testive

Meet Andrew Rose: Co-Founder & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER at Testive

What are most of your duties in addition to responsibilities during Testive?

Really one of the Co-Founders of Testive, and I was also an Ex-CEO. My very own main obligations are (1) listening to fathers and mothers, (2) parent or guardian outreach, and also (3) recommending the TOP DOG.

What’s your selected part with regards to working at Testive?

One of the best part is actually watching persons grow and turn more than the things they were right after they started. I am really privileged because My partner and i get to realize that directly while in the staff, pupils, and parents.

As you are not working, what do you like to carry out?

I am a good prodigious creator of children. (I include at least three or more, depending on when you find yourself reading this). My greatest hobby is coaching some athletes on your health.

What’s your favorite food?

Preferred food is effortlessly chicken nuggets. I can actually eat 100 chicken breast nuggets in a very sitting. Luckily, chicken is a wonderful lean necessary protein. For our holiday party, my co-worker, Alex, got us a shirt this says ‘I love chicken nuggets. ‘ You know how when you find yourself wearing something you love, folks give you kind comments about it? Nicely, I wore the clothing on my way residence and all 5 different people told me all they favored it.

Can be your favorite movie and why?

My favorite video is 600. It’s the storyline of a select few of adeptly trained Spartan soldiers defending and out-battling 100, 000 attacking meatheads. Leia mais