California Tribes Approved for Off-Reservation Casinos

California Tribes Approved for Off-Reservation Casinos

Could tribal casinos go up away from Indian reservations in California soon?

Long restricted to Native American reservations, tribal-operated gambling enterprises in California appear ready to expand in a big way. One off-reservation casino has been already authorized, which has a great many other tribes looking at whether they can’t transfer to the rest of the state as well.

Compacts Allow for Brand New Sites

The expansion formally began weeks ago, whenever the continuing State Legislature approved a concise between your North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians and Governor Jerry Brown. That compact allowed the tribe to construct a casino featuring royal vegas online casino games 2,000 slot machines in Madera County. This is notable as the web site of the casino will be over 30 miles through the lands historically occupied by the tribe the result of a long and negotiation that is ultimately fruitful the tribe, other tribes, while the state government.

That move has given other tribes hopes of moving away from their reservations that are traditional well. These day there are other tribes looking at casinos in Yuba County, San Bernardino County and Imperial County too.

But there’s no guarantee that some of these projects will fundamentally go ahead. Anti-casino groups already are lining up to give voters a chance to block the Mono Indian project, suggesting that voters should have a chance to veto the task through a referendum.

Citizens Want a Say

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