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The Bell Jar is the one novel written by the poet Sylvia Plath. Rereading it this week, I was astonished by how superbly it holds up in comparison with other work that resonated with me as a teenager (Jack Kerouac’s On the Highway, say, which now reads like a hash-induced undergraduate journal entry; or any film with Christian Slater). He finally recovered and remarried, led a traditional life, but this book was type of scary to me, remembering that time, the ambiance of such a spot, and the stigma of psychological illness.

Ik moet wel eerlijk zijn en zeggen dat het me niet emotioneel heeft geraakt. This newly discovered story by literary legend Sylvia Plath stands on its own and is remarkable for its symbolic, allegorical method to a younger lady’s revolt against convention and forceful taking of control of her own life. It can save you your self the time (and torture!) of studying thick tomes by heading to web sites like SparkNotes that offer chapter summaries for books.

De volgende keer dat ik opzij kijk, een paar minuten later, houdt Ben zijn hand strak tegen zijn kruis, de stof van zijn toga verkreukeld. If you want to send me an e-mail a couple of studying, please embody the bookstore in your neighborhood, so I can ahead that as properly. What makes The Bell Jar a compelling guide, besides its being a truthful, if superficial, rendering of this adolescent dilemma, is that Esther Greenwood is experiencing this Leia mais