New Mexico Tribe Sues State Over Gambling Compact Negotiations

New Mexico Tribe Sues State Over Gambling Compact Negotiations

The Pojoaque Pueblo is throwing legal tomahawks at the state of New Mexico over a lightweight they feel is not being negotiated in good faith (Image: Pojoaque Pueblo Realty)

It’s no secret that the compact negotiations between American Indian tribes and states concerning gambling enterprises and other gambling facilities are contentious through the best of that time period. On the one hand, states in many cases are reluctant partners who want to get just as much benefit that is financial possible without allowing tribes to offer unrestricted gaming on their land. Meanwhile, the tribes are often unhappy about having to negotiate at all to create economic development to land that is supposed to be their own.

Tense Standoff

That’s a pretty good description of the relationship between New Mexico and the Pojoaque Pueblo tribe of Native People in the us. Now, the 2 sides are operating under a concise that can last until June 2015. However with that agreement operating out in about 18 months, negotiations are underway to hit a new bargain and the Pojoaque Pueblo doesn’t think their state is dealing in good faith.

That’s why the tribe has decided to sue the state within the failure in negotiations. In accordance with the Pojoaque Pueblo, their state government as well as in particular, Governor Susana Martinez’s administration was attempting to get an illegal taxation without any new benefits for the tribe.

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